How Much Wood is in a Rick of Firewood + How Big?

How Much Wood is in a Rick of Firewood

As the cold weather approaches, the mind turns to getting some much-needed firewood. When shopping for it, you might have seen ads from places selling ricks of firewood, but if you don’t how much that is, it’s not very helpful. I can help though…

How much wood is in a rick of firewood? There should be around 325 pieces of firewood in a rick. The rick of firewood will typically measure 8 feet by 4 feet, but can vary depending on where purchased.

Before you dash off though, if you’re new to buying ricks of firewood, just take a moment to skim through the rest which explains how much storage space you will need, whether a rick will fit in your pickup, and how long the rick might last.

How much is in a rick of firewood?

Just to expand a little on how much wood comes in a rick, you should also bear in mind how it’s been cut and packed before you buy. It will need to be carried and transported. 

You should find around 325 pieces of seasoned wood in a rick of firewood. Having said that, the rick of wood you buy could vary in size depending on where it is being sold. 

How much is in a rick of firewood
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How big is a rick of firewood?

A rick is a pile of firewood might be bigger than you expect. It will typically measure 8 feet long and 4 foot high. It can be accessible in varying widths dependent on your county or trader.

However, it’s important to find out what they offer beforehand, so you don’t end up with too little. A ‘face cord’ of wood is occasionally stated as a ‘rick of wood.’ 

Normally speaking, you will discover these in 12, 16, or 24-inch choices which means that each log within the stack has its own length measurements. 

How long is a rick of firewood? A rick of firewood should be 8 foot long. The length can differ though so check before you buy or get there.

So now you know how long and big a rick of wood is, and the weight, you now might wonder whether you can get it home…

What does a rick of wood weigh?

The weight of your rick will greatly depend on the size of firewood you decide on. Therefore, you must keep in mind that diverse firewood weighs differently. 

For example, red oaks and white are some of the heavier types of firewood. A heavy rick of wood can weigh around 5,500 lbs. Keep in mind that is just for a single rick in a single cord. For lighter wood types, a full cord may weigh only around 2,500 pounds. 

If a cord of wood, speaking broadly, can normally have up to around 650 pieces of ready-to-be-used firewood, a rick will be much less. 

Handy Hint: You might also find this guide to the differences between ricks and cords of wood helpful when buying.

How big is a rick of firewood
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Will a rick of firewood fit in a pickup?

A rick of wood can fit in a pickup truck (but will depend on the size of your vehicle), but only if you are willing to make some sacrifices.

If you have a small and short bed pickup, you might need to transport the wood upright or angled at an end to lean against or over the cab – as long as it can be secured.

How long does a rick of firewood last?

How long your rick of firewood lasts will depend on how much wood you consume. I always keep in mind what I am using the firewood for when deciding on the number of ricks I wish to buy. 

Heating a house is much different than heating a small campfire. Though a rick can be beneficial in both cases. 

If heating an entire home is what you are after, then think big. In general, I am rather sure a single rick will not be sufficient to last you the whole winter. In this case, it might make sense for your home’s needs and budget if you get at least 2 or 3 ricks. 

However, it may not seem like it at first, but trust me when I say that there may come times when having too much wood on hand can become inconvenient or even dangerous.

If you need your entire house warmed, an average-sized rick should last 6 to 10 weeks. However, that greatly depends on how much wood is being used and the size of your home. Keep energy efficiency in mind even as you burn wood. 

I also know from personal experience that you don’t want to be short on wood before the winter chill dies down. So, plan to use more wood than you may think you need at first. Don’t overspend but keep the idea that you may run out before winter’s end in mind when buying your rick. 

How much does a rick of wood cost?

The cost of a rick of wood largely depends on the vendor and where you buy the wood. For example, a rick of oak can run you from 100 dollars to 250 dollars. 

Prices can still also go up depending on other variables. There are many types of wood, and it is up to you to choose the best type for your needs. 

For your requirements, you also must keep in mind how the wood has been seasoned (prepared to be used to be burnt by air or kiln drying methods). Lastly, any markups the market or seller has will need to be considered.

Plan to pay more and generally aim for quality over cheapness. If you are stunned by the price, you may be budgeting too low or need to find a different vendor. Frightened that you may be overspending, or you are too much of a pushover when it came to settling on a price? Remember good wood will keep you safe and warm all winter. 

Would you like to save money by picking up your own firewood? Not everybody has a truck for cargo, but it is ideal. However, some vendors will deliver at a cost. An example of a possible cost may be 2 dollars for every mile from the vendor to your home. 

Discounts are always a possibility. If it is your first time, ask for a discount. I have personally done that a few times and was surprised that one time I got my delivery waived. Some suppliers might not even normally charge depending on how much you spend. 

Lastly, there may be an unloading or stacking fee after delivery. The price may be around $30, so don’t overthink the cost of that. 

How do you store a rick of wood?

The most important thing to remember about stacking is to make sure you don’t have wet, green wood sitting around for long periods. If the logs are wet, they’ll need open spaces around them so they can air out and dry properly. 

Make sure to store them off the ground and covered, leaving room for individual pieces of wood to fully be dried. Here’s an example log rack and cover you can buy on Amazon.

Stack up your wood in the best possible way that works for you. There are many ways to stack it and every opinion is good if it works. You can get creative with how you do it, or just use some common sense like never stacking more than 2 layers high at once (or else things will get unstable).

A messy stack won’t hurt be detrimental to the quality of the wood, but it won’t look very good. A well-organized and tidy pile of firewood should make your backyard more appealing for any potential visitors – whether they’re family members or strangers who happen to glance over the fence while passing by.

Firewood is a valuable resource that should be treated with care. However, since it can attract pests, rot from humidity, and cause a mess only to keep enough for one or two days at a time in your home.

Why is it called a rick of firewood?

And lastly, what’s with the name?

The word “rick” is another way of saying the term “pile.” It was originally used to refer only to farm stacks like wood and hay, but over time we expanded its meaning as more items were included, like corn cobs and dried leaves. 

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