What Can I Put Under My Inflatable Hot Tub?

What Can I Put Under My Inflatable Hot Tub

Last year I invested in an inflatable hot tub. It was a warm summer and we’d just had a new patio laid so seemed the perfect time to do so. However, my first concern was what to put under the inflatable hot tub to avoid any tears and rips. There was also the comfort issue, as the base is just a vinyl lining. 

What can I put my inflatable hot tub on? The best base to put an inflatable hot tub on would be a set of interlocking vinyl or foam floor tiles. These can be put under the inflatable hot tub to prevent any tears or rips from decking, gravel, or patio stone.

The base of an inflatable hot tub is thick vinyl, but you will feel every single little bump underneath if you don’t have padding and protection underneath it. You also need to protect it from tears. 

What can I put my inflatable hot tub on?

I ended up buying interlocking tiles on Amazon. They are the kind of thing you might see in a kid’s nursery or yoga studio. You can click the image below to get the ones I used as a base for our inflatable hot tub.

Those tiles can be quickly and easily set down, and you can leave them outdoors for the whole summer. No doubt, these are what should I put my inflatable hot tub on. They are perfect.

Before buying them, you will need to consider a few things though.

How big is your inflatable hot tub?

Measure up the base area of your inflatable hot tub but also think about having enough space around to offer additional protection. For example, if you hot tub is 6×6, get enough tiles to create a 7×7 or 8×8 area. 

Having a larger surface area base for the inflatable hot tub means you can also step out onto the foam and brush your feet off before you get in… meaning it’s easier to clean. 

Can you put an inflatable hot tub on artificial grass?

Providing that the ground is level, you can put an inflatable hot tub on artificial grass. In fact, you might even get away with not needing to put a base underneath the inflatable hot tub.

Can a hot tub be placed directly on the ground?

You can place an inflatable hot tub directly on the ground, but it comes with caveats. For example, it could be an uneven surface or have stone on it. That increases the chance of a tear, which is why I recommend you prepare the ground for an inflatable hot tub.

That means levelling, getting rid of any snags, and then ideally putting a base down like the foam tiles I recommended above. 

Another reasons for not putting an inflatable hot tub directly onto the ground is that the earth could absorb some of the heat from your tub. It will then be more challenging to maintain a suitable temperature.

Can I put my inflatable hot tub on grass?

Similarly, I don’t recommend putting an inflatable hot tub on grass. You also have the challenge of constantly having dirt and grass cuttings coming into the hot tub’s water. 

One of the most frustrating things about hot tub ownership is having to brush your feet off before getting in, and this will only make that worse without a base underneath it. 

Can I put inflatable hot tub on pea gravel?

No, don’t put an inflatable hot tub on pea gravel for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s going to be so uncomfortable to sit down in. Remember the princess and the pea story, well that’s what you will get here, but magnified by 100.

Also, the gravel could tear the base vinyl of the inflatable hot tub. It’s just not a good idea. 

What is best to put under a hot tub then?

As I’ve said on a few occasions now, the best base for an inflatable hot tub would be interlocking foam tiles. They are thick enough to protect the base, and comfortable enough to be great for you to sit on.

If you don’t like the black ones I recommended earlier, why not try something with a bit more color like these on Amazon?

Can I put a rug or carpet under my hot tub?

Yes, a rug or carpet can be placed under an inflatable hot tub. 

However, it will need to be a thick carpet. The other thing to consider too is that it will be wet all summer and is likely to get moldy and smelly… so not the best base for an inflatable hot tub in practical terms. 

Can I use a decorative floor mat underneath my inflatable hot tub?

Yes, this is perfectly fine. If you choose something that has been designed to hold up well when exposed to water, such as a waterproof mat, it can work well. 

Waterproof mats give you the flexibility of different designs and colors, which means that you can bring your spa right up to the house with a decorative rug underneath it if you want to… you might struggle to find one big enough though. 

Can I put my inflatable hot tub on a patio?

Yes, you can put your inflatable hot tub on a patio – this is exactly what I do. But you still need to put the foam interlocking tiles underneath. It will be more comfortable for you, and will prevent and rips in the vinyl. 

Do I need a concrete slab for a hot tub?

Most hard-side spas, as well as some inflatable models, are best with a concrete slab or patio to sit on. 

Can I put my inflatable hot tub on decking?

Yes, but again place a mat underneath it so no splinters from the decking tear at the vinyl. The weight could also be an issue if the decking can’t withstand it. 

What is the best surface for an inflatable hot tub?

Your best bet will be to go with a concrete patio. It will support the hot tub weight and can be made more comfortable when you put foam tiles underneath the inflatable hot tub as a base.


If you can get the base of your inflatable hot tub right, and put the best padding underneath it, you are going to have many memorable (and comfortable) days using it.

Get the interlocking pads. You won’t regret it!

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