How to Cover Exposed Wires Outside: Hide Outdoor Electrics

How to cover exposed wires outside

Over the last few years, I’ve made lots of changes to our home including extensions, new patio, and backyard work. I’ve had to run various wires for lighting and exterior wall electrical point so have managed to come up with different ways in which to exposed electrical wires outside. Here there all are to help you out too. 

31 ways you can cover exposed electrical wires outside

Before you consider hiding, disguising, or covering wires outside, please ensure the electrics to the house are shut off and isolated. Always ask a professional and qualified electrician to do these jobs for you. 

With that in mind, here’s how you can cover exposed wires outside.

1. Use a bungee cord to secure the wire

Use a bungee cord to secure any exposed cables temporarily. For example, if nothing is covering the power cord to your outdoor patio lights, attach a bungee cord around the cable and run it through an eye hook screwed into an eave or the top of a wall to keep it together and off the ground.

2. Use flexible piping to protect the wire

If exposed cables run along your exterior walls outside, you can place flexible piping using a staple gun to hold it in place. Larger-diameter piping is better than smaller diameter because it will provide better protection for your wires.

3. Use electric tape to cover exposed wires outside

Use electric tape to cover exposed wires. This method is quick and easy to use, but it’s best to avoid using it in areas where the weather is extremely humid or wet because this can damage the insulation of the exposed cable. 

Remember that electric tape will only work if you are running exposed wiring along a flat surface, such as an unfinished wall or ceiling.

4. Use PVC piping to protect the wire

To prevent your outside wires from being exposed further, you can use PVC pipes to cover them up.

hide wires with piping
Piping can be used to cover exposed electrical wires outside.

Simply drill a hole in the pipe according to the size of your wire and then slide it through. You can also choose to glue or fasten the pipe to the wall to protect it further.

5. Use a corner bead to prevent wires from being exposed

If you are trying to run your cables along an outside wall, you can use a corner bead or molding to keep them secure and out of the way. You can then drill holes according to your cable’s size, slide it through, and secure it in place. 

The corner bead will protect the cable from exposure to the elements and prevent damage to your wiring.

6. Use flowers to cover the exposed wires outside

If you don’t want to use the piping or corner bead, you can plant flowers around your outside exposed wires. This will provide an aesthetically pleasing solution and prevent anyone from accidentally stepping on and damaging them.

How to cover exposed wires outside
Cleverly positioned flowers could how you cover exposed wires outside.

7. Use concrete screws to anchor down your wire

If you’re stuck with a lot of wiring that needs to be protected, you can use concrete screws to anchor your wires against a wall. This method is especially helpful if you’re using multiple cables and wires that are not categorized together, for example, electrical and phone wires.

8. Use cable clips to hold the wire

Cable clips will also help keep your wiring secured and organized. They won’t damage the insulation of your wires.

9. Use electrical boxes to cover up the wires outside

You can also choose to install an electrical box along your exterior walls so you can neatly organize all of your wiring inside. This is especially helpful if there are multiple cables in one area, such as in front of a patio door, so they don’t get tangled with each other.

Handy Hint: You might also want some tips on how you can hide an electrical transformer box in your backyard.

10. Use a light switch cover to prevent exposed outdoor wires 

If you don’t want any exposed wiring in front of your patio door, attach a light switch cover along the wall so you can turn on and off your lights without having to look at any exposed cables. 

These covers come in many different finishes and styles; some even include an outlet so you can plug in additional devices.

11. Use cable raceway to conceal the wire

If multiple wires need to be concealed, you can use wire cable raceways instead of individual cable clips. These will help provide your wiring with more protection and support. You can also install an electrical box along your wall first and then slide the wire inside it before securing it with cable raceways.

12. Add molding to conceal exposed wires outside

A molding will help keep your wiring protected from the elements. You can paint your molding to match the color of your house or leave it as is for a décor that fits with your patio.

13. Use potted plants to cover exposed wires

Using potted plants along your wall is a more creative way to conceal exposed wiring. This method will also provide your patio with some extra greenery, which can make your outdoor living space more inviting.

How to cover exposed electrical wires outside
Some cleverly positioned plant pots are how I cover exposed wires outside sometimes.

14. Cover exposed wires with vinyl wall decals

If you’re looking for a simpler solution, try using clear vinyl bumper stickers to conceal your exposed wiring; these are very inexpensive and not too difficult to install. You can also use electrical tape in place of bumper stickers if you don’t have any available.

15. Use vinyl adhesive strips to conceal exposed wiring

A more permanent solution for concealing wires is by using cord covers made of vinyl material. These come with pre-cut openings for the wire and are very easy to install; all you need to do is stick them onto your wall.

16. Use a floor tile to help conceal exposed wires

If you have a lot of wires running along your exterior wall, you can use a floor tile to cover them up – instead of trying to conceal them individually, with bumper stickers and electrical tape. 

These tiles come in many different finishes and styles; some even include an opening for cords so you can plug in additional devices.

17. Use outdoor vinyl tiles to conceal exposed wires

Outdoor vinyl floor tiles are made of tough molded resin that can withstand the elements – making them an ideal choice for your patio, porch, deck, or pool area. You can also customize these outdoor floor tiles by picking out a design that’s unique to your home.

18. Install a fence panel to conceal exposed wires

If multiple wires must be concealed, you can use a fence panel along your wall instead. This method will also add privacy to your patio area while keeping the wiring from view.

19. Install a privacy trellis to conceal exposed wires

A taller fence panel will provide more privacy and protection for your wiring. A vinyl privacy trellis is an ideal material to use around your patio area because it’s easy to clean, and it will never need painting or staining.

20. Install a shadow box to conceal exposed wires

If you have multiple wires that need to be concealed along your wall, you can install a shadow box so they run inside of it. You can also use an electrical box along your wall first and then slide the shadow box over it for added protection – be sure to leave space on each side for wiring to run through.

21. Install a corner shelf to conceal exposed wires

If you have multiple wires running near the corner of your patio wall, try installing a corner shelf. Using a larger shelf will cover more of your wiring, but you should ensure there’s enough space for the entire wire length to fit inside.

22. Install a planter box to conceal exposed wires

Another way to add storage and décor while concealing exposed wires is by installing a planter box along your wall. Planting vines along your patio wall will help conceal it even further, not to mention provide an extra touch of greenery that can turn your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis.

23. Run wire inside of your brick veneer

If you’re adding additional wiring to your exterior, consider running the wires inside your brick veneer for a more concealed look. If you have a decorative or stone facade with no openings, an easy solution is to build one from wood and attach it over the wires, so they blend in better with the wall.

24. Conceal exposed wiring by building a wall niche

You can build a wall niche using wood or masonry material to add storage space and conceal your wiring simultaneously. This is also a great way to add architectural interest to your wall; in fact, it’s the only way that you will completely cover it up.

25. Painted brick veneer conceals exposed wiring

Installing a painted brick veneer on your exterior wall is another great option to help conceal exposed wiring. This will require you to build a wood or masonry opening along your exterior wall, but it’s an excellent way to add architectural interest and storage space.

26. Install wooden shutters over your electrical box

In addition to concealing exposed wires, you can use wooden shutters as a way to add exterior décor. It’s the only option that will let you completely cover your electrical box without having to cut into it or break anything.

27. Try a flush mount light instead of an outdoor sconce

Consider installing a flush mount light instead if you want to conceal exposed wiring but still have some decorative lighting. They’re great for revealing exposed wiring in a controlled way since the light shines in one direction only.

28. Install outdoor sconces instead of living room wall lights

Living room wall lights can be difficult to conceal when your home’s exterior creates more than one wire that needs to pass by it. You can try installing outdoor sconces instead to add some decorative lighting – these are much easier to conceal.

29. Use a wire mesh shade

Installing a wire mesh shade is the best way to conceal exposed wiring on an outdoor ceiling fan since it can cover up multiple wires that extend from the motor. There’s no need to run the wiring through the walls as well, and it will still let you use your fan as intended.

30. Use a light-dependent resistor

Installing a light-dependent resistor is the only way to conceal exposed wiring on an outdoor ceiling fan without having to run it through your walls. The LED lights will reveal your wires when they’re turned on but won’t be noticeable during the day or at night.

31. Conceal wire by installing a butt-jointed pipe

Concealing exposed wiring on your outdoor ceiling fan is another way to conceal it completely, but it’s less aesthetically pleasing than using a wire mesh shade. This option will work best if you’re installing the fan over an indoor ceiling light; otherwise, it might look out of place or clash with the overall design.


If should not take too much effort for those wanting to know how to cover exposed wires outside. It just boils down to what works and looks best in your garden or backyard.

Check out the other articles below if you are trying to disguise other aspects in your outdoor space.

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