How Long Does Grout Sealer Take to Dry?

How long does grout sealer take to dry

Once you’ve put the new tiles up in your bathroom and grouted them, it will look fantastic. But hold on, you’re not quite ready yet to turn on the shower. You will need to seal the grout, but just how long should it take for grout sealer to dry? Here’s all you need to know.

How long does grout sealer take to dry? Many grout sealers will be dry to touch after 2 hours, but that will just be the surface. To completely dry all the way through, leave the grout sealer to dry for 24 to 72 hours. 

I appreciate that this answer is a little wide in terms how long should grout sealer dry before showering. There’s good reason for that; different grouter sealers have different drying times. 

It’s important to check long your chosen grout sealant need to dry. If you don’t and turn the shower on, all that hard work could be ruined, with water penetrating. Here’s some more detail on the drying times of grout sealer and reasons for the variations.  

Grout sealer drying times before showering

This piece will look at the factors that determine how long a grout sealer takes to dry and why it could be quicker with some brands compared to others.

1. Grout type

The type of grout you use will affect the dry time for your grout sealer. For instance, epoxy-based grouts take much longer to cure than acrylic-based ones. 

Look at the grout sealer packaging and it will be very clear about what type it is. 

2. Humidity

The indoor humidity will also play an important role in determining how long a grout sealant takes to dry before you can take a shower.

Specifically, in regards to sealing grout, humidity can have a major impact on your results. High humidity levels cause the drying process to slow down considerably. In contrast, low humidity causes it to speed up significantly – so bear this in mind when considering how long it will take your grout sealer to dry.

3. Temperature

Temperatures also affect the drying time of grout sealant. Still, unlike humidity levels (which can vary throughout the day), temperature levels remain consistent – so it’s easy to calculate how long your sealing job should take.

How long does grout sealant need to dry
Don’t have a shower for at least 72 hours after sealing the grout as it might not have dried all the way through yet (Credit:

4. Coating thickness

The thickness of the grout sealer that you apply will determine how long it takes for the material to dry completely. The thicker you apply it, the longer it will take for them to dry fully – this applies regardless of whether you are using an acrylic-based or epoxy-based formula. 

5. Grout sealer brand

Different types of grout sealants have different drying times – so make sure you are aware of the instructions provided on the packaging of your sealant to ensure you know how long it takes to dry before showering. 

Typically, acrylic-based products take anywhere between thirty minutes and an hour, while epoxy-based ones will take over twelve hours. Some manufacturers may recommend longer drying times if they include UV inhibitors in their formula.

More questions about grout sealing

How long should grout sealer dry before showering?

Tiles used in the shower area should be sealed with grout sealant after installation – otherwise, they will absorb water and become damaged. While it is important to follow manufacturer instructions regarding tile installation, these usually recommend that you wait 24 hours (or more) before applying grout sealer to ensure that the tiles are fully dry. 

Epoxy-based products typically require more time than acrylic ones.

What happens if grout sealer dries on the tiles?

If the grout sealant dries on tiles, it can be very tricky to remove it. If you are confident that all the product has dried, best to gently scrape off any excess material using a plastic scraper or by sanding down the area with fine sandpaper. 

Once complete, wipe down the tile thoroughly with warm water and an abrasive cleaning agent (such as baking soda) to ensure you remove all traces of the grout sealer before sealing again.

How many applications of grout sealer is needed?

Typically, three applications of grout sealer will provide the most protection. The first applications is applied to thoroughly clean tiles and ensure close contact with the second and third applications – this also applies if you are using a colored grout sealant.

Does grout sealer wear off?

Grout sealant in showers can last for around 3 years. 


Grout is porous by nature, making it difficult to clean. It absorbs spills, dirt, and liquid with ease. Grouting between tiles also opens the surfaces of the tile to stains and excessive organic growth. 

To protect your tiles against these elements, it is important that you seal the grout after installation or re-sealing regularly.

To conclude, there are several factors that affect how long it takes for grout sealants to dry. These include the humidity levels, temperature, coating thickness, and grout type. 

By keeping these in mind, you should easily determine how long your grout sealing project is going to take before applying the product on your tiles.

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