How to Arrange Lava Rocks on a Fire Pit?

How to arrange lava rocks on a fire pit

As summer approaches, what better way to spend an evening than gathered around a fire put with friends, family, or both. Here are some tips for arranging lava rocks on a fire pit this year.

How do you arrange lava rocks on a fire pit?

Some different ways to arrange lava rock on your fire pit are as follows. 

1. Aqua Lava Rocks in a ring pattern

This is one of my favorite ways of arranging lava rocks on a fire pit. Start by placing a ring of large, round rocks around the perimeter of your fire pit. Make sure that these larger stones are close enough together so that they don’t fall into the fire pit. 

Next, place irregularly shaped or jagged rocks within this circle to create a fun pattern!

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2. Faux Boulders Island

One of the most popular ways to arrange lava rocks in a fire pit is by creating an island in the middle of your fire pit. First, place a ring of larger, round, or square stones around the perimeter as you did with Aqua Lava Rocks above. 

Then fill in any gaps within this circle with smaller lava rocks so that they form a solid island.

3. Pebble Patio around the perimeter

If you are looking for a more modern arrangement, this is another one I just love! Start by placing medium to large lava rocks around the perimeter of your fire pit. 

Then place smaller stones in between these larger ones to create an interesting stone patio look that runs throughout the area surrounding your fire pit.

4. Fountain Fire Pit 

Another modern arrangement you can try is to create a fire pit that looks like it has water flowing out of the center. Start by placing your largest lava rocks in the middle and arranging them into even, circular rows around the perimeter. 

Then fill in any gaps between these larger stones with smaller ones so there are no spaces left throughout the area.

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5. Natural Accents with larger and small rocks

If you are looking for a more natural look, try placing smaller lava rocks throughout the surrounding areas of your fire pit. Larger stones can be used to accentuate these pieces and make them pop! 

This will let you create an even mix between large and small stones when arranging lava rocks.

6. Lava-Crete with texture

If you want to create a more textured look with your lava rocks, this is another great option! Start by placing larger stones around the perimeter of your fire pit as you did above. 

Then fill in any gaps between these pieces with smaller ones that are stacked on top of each other for an interesting effect.

Here are some of those different looks you can then try… 

  • Arrange your lava rocks in the shape of a heart. This is especially cute if you’re using them for an engagement or wedding! If possible, use different sizes to create even more visual interest. 
  • Create overlapping rows that also look like waves with the lava stones around your fire pit..
  • Stack the lava rocks around your fire pit in different shapes and sizes to create various levels of height. This is great for creating something that looks unique without taking up too much space! 
  • Arrange the rocks in different shapes to create unique patterns, such as triangles or stars. For example, you could use five lava stones of varying sizes arranged into a star shape with one larger stone at the center! 

Safety tips for arranging lava rocks on fire pits

If you are planning on using lava rocks around your fire pit, it is important to do so safely. Make sure that the area surrounding your fire pit has been cleared of anything flammable including plants, leaves and grasses. This will prevent any sparks from flying off into nearby areas where they could cause a wildfire. 

When placing lava rocks around your fire pit, make sure that they are at least a few feet away from the flames and coals. If you notice any of the lava rocks starting to crack or break apart, immediately move them further away from the heat source so they do not catch on fire!

Be aware that lava rocks get extremely hot, so you should always wear protective gear when using them! This includes not only fire-resistant gloves but also long sleeves and pants to protect your skin from the heat.

How long do they last

Lava rocks can last anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on how long they are exposed to direct heat.

How to prepare for placement

Make sure to check your fire pit first and make note of how much space there is between the lava rocks. This will help you determine what size they should be! 

What type of gas or wood do I use? You can use either propane or natural gas for your fire pit but remember that natural gas heats up the lava rocks quicker.

Where can I buy them? You can find these at most hardware stores or online.

Use different colors to add even more visual interest, such as a mix of red and black lava rocks! 

Before placing the rocks around your fire pit, make sure that they are completely dry. This is a good way to prevent any mold or mildew from forming on them!


Lava rocks are one of the most popular options for people who want to create a fire pit in their yard. These unique stones have been used by Native Americans for centuries, and they are still an excellent choice today. 

If you’re interested in using lava rocks around your fire pit, there are many ways that you can arrange them!

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